Pumpkin Season!!!

Heirloom Pumpkins John's Island, South Carolina
Pumpkins with "character" from John's Island.

Tomorrow is one of my absolute favorite holidays: HALLOWEEN!!! It is the perfect time of year to be living in Charleston. The historic homes downtown go all-out with the most creative Halloween decorations that look like something out of a magazine spread. Since there wasn't as much going on in our own neighborhood years ago when C. first started trick-or-treating, we began the family tradition of spending the evening downtown. What a perfect spooky setting to really get a complete creepy sensory Halloween experience!  Charleston is known for its ghosts, so you never know what you may see.  I look forward to this night so much, that I may even have a map drawn out in my head of which streets we will be visiting.

As I contain my excitement for tomorrow night, I need to finish some last minute details. Today, I am baking cupcakes for the Halloween Party at school. Wish me luck! I have such a knack for cupcake disasters. While I've almost mastered homemade buttercream frosting, I haven't made any actual cupcakes from scratch. With all of the unnecessary chemicals in the boxed mixes, the best option would be to make homemade cupcakes from organic ingredients. But it is probably best that I don't attempt something new when I'm up against a holiday deadline. For this party it will be cupcakes out of the box, but with homemade frosting.

I thought I would share some Fall photos before we jump into the Christmas season and everything goes red and green. It's a good time of year to grab some Halloween sale items. I have my eye on a couple and will let you know if I am successful getting them before they are sold out!

 Enjoy the last of the pumpkins......I have a few on my porch that I'm hoping will last until Thanksgiving, but we will see.

Candy corn wishes and spooky dreams,

Heirloom Pumpkins Johns Island South Carolina
Wagon full of ugly pumpkins from John's Island.

Pumpkins Whole foods
Whole Foods had an impressive selection of pumpkins this year!

Pumpkins Whole Foods

Fairytale Pumpkins Whole Foods
Fairytale Pumpkins.
Cinderella Pumpkins Whole foods
Cinderella Pumpkins.

Heirloom Pumpkins Whole Foods South Carolina

Boone Hall Farms Mt. Pleasant South Carolina
Mt. Pleasant favorite Boone Hall.
Boone Hall mini-pumpkins.

Hey!!! I resemble that remark!


It is with great excitement that I write the first post for The Charleston Lens. Writing my own blog has been a dream and a calling for some time now and I have finally summoned the courage to put it all out there. I am so happy to share my beautiful city with you and begin a journey toward getting the most out of the life we have been given. Photography is my passion, so I am hoping that the blog will give me inspiration to get behind the camera more.  In creating the blog posts, I plan to do more of the other things that I love including shopping, home organization and decor, travel and of course eating!! I am so happy to have you here today and hope that you will check back often to see my progress and maybe even join the conversation!  Please grab a cup of coffee, or if you are like me, a  sweet tea, and hang on for the ride as I dip my toe into the blog world!

Coming October 2014!!!!

Coming October 2014!!!!