Charleston Holiday Farmer's Market & Charleston Place

Six days left!!! I'm home with my half-sick kids today while Chris is working. I planned on dropping them off for a few hours with my wonderful step-dad, Jack, but with one kid coughing so much, I didn't want to risk getting him sick. I have to admit that I'm stressing about getting my shopping done. But the kids are playing peacefully, and I'm playing on the computer with photos I've recently taken, so I guess it's an OK day. 

Last weekend we hit the Holiday Farmer's Market. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we enjoyed the fresh air and festive sights. The last one is this Saturday morning both Saturday AND Sunday this weekend from 9am-4pm, so check it out before it closes for the season!

I love the palm trees in Marion Square. They aren't palmetto trees, but another more tropical variety.
I also grabbed snapshot of the family under the Marion Square Christmas tree.

Love all of the wreaths around the Historic District in Charleston this year! Check out my Instagram feed if you want to see more decorated front doors of downtown Charleston.

How wonderfully crispy and sweet do these organic apples look? Perfect for  juicing in the Vitamix! From our experience, organic apples are totally worth the extra cost!!!

I am thinking of re-planting my potted herb garden on the back porch. The weather has been so mild, and I could just take them into the house on cold nights.

Pickles, anyone? 

These are festive and scream Charleston!

My mother-in-law, Vicki loves this locally grown tea. She always packs some in her suitcase to take back home after a visit. It just has such a unique flavor when brewed for iced tea. I haven't tried all of the varieties, but a trip to the Tea Plantation is on my list...

Very cool hand painted pillows.

Every year we make at least one trip through the Charleston Place Hotel. It just doesn't feel like Christmas until we see the trains and all of the huge fresh Christmas trees decorated in the lobby.

What fun way to spend a Saturday in Charleston during the holiday season!

Sugarplum wishes, 

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