Christmas Wish List: For the Home &TBT

Hey there!!!! Has this seemed like a long week for anyone? The kids have only been going half-days and we are just getting into the nitty gritty of the repairs on our house, so our routines are crazy. And our Christmas tree lights went out again! Its so sad and dark.... at least on the bright side,  it still smells wonderful and it hasn't toppled over like I have seen in some pictures on Facebook!

I was looking through old albums and found some pics from Christmases past  when I was growing up. I thought I would include a few for Throw Back Thursday. These pics definitely have that hazy, nostalgic look to them, but part of that may be my scanning skills. So here goes:

I was born around Christmas, and here I am with my Dad. I just loved him to pieces and enjoy seeing photos of him "back in the day." He really was the epitome of a southern gentleman, channeling the Frank Sinatra, Ian Fleming vibe.

My mom loved to get her hair "set" as you can see. We usually dressed up in long dresses on Christmas Eve for midnight mass at our church. Her special tradition was to wrap all of the presents in our guest room and leave them displayed on the bed until Christmas Eve. I loved when in early December she pulled out the card table and the wrapping paper along with all of these fascinating little stickers and trimmings for the packages. She would also sit in there and write a huge stack of Christmas cards.....the seventies were just a simpler, more elegant time.

Then the eighties hit and my bangs were no longer cool and my Mom's hair got smaller. We still dressed up on Christmas Eve, and still enjoyed silver tinsel on the tree. I think this was probably one of the last Christmases before my parents divorced, so I cherish the snapshot.

I think when looking back at these pictures that preserve so many memories, I realize that I need to transfer them all over to digital. So I may post more pictures as I start on that project.

As I am working on our Christmas lists and slowly do some shopping, I thought I would share my personal wish list. I would love to open any of these things on Christmas morning, and wouldn't feel like it was an insult to get a vacuum for Christmas ;)

The Charleston Lens Christmas Wish List: Home

I do know one thing that would make the perfect gift for ANY Mom.  It may be an appliance, but this not anything like getting a vacuum for Christmas. This will change your life, your health and how you cook. Just ask Chris about his daily juice/smoothies!

Vitamix: The Perfect Gift For The Holidays!!!

This really may be the only blender you will ever buy. It comes with a 7 year warranty and is made in the USA. We purchased ours at Costco, but you can find them at big box stores and at Williams Sonoma. Even QVC has them. And I know because I watch QVC on Saturday nights. Sad, but true.

Two weeks till the big day!!!


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