Decorating the Christmas Tree

I have to admit something. I do this weird thing when we go on vacation (not since 2010!!!); I start to worry around day 2 about how we have to go home in whatever number of days. Like seriously, I almost cannot enjoy the trip for worrying about going home. One of my little quirks, for sure. This year I am doing the same thing about Christmas. It's just going too fast. We only have one more full week of the year and this time next week, we will be on that last minute rush to finish up everything for Christmas Eve on Wednesday. I haven't really finished decorating (no wreath on the door), haven't finished shopping, done no wrapping or baking. But it won't be the first year that I made Christmas cookies on Christmas Day or after...

I've been test-driving my new Nikon after the switch this month from Canon. Still shooting in Auto mode mostly. Some things are amazing about this camera, while I miss some of the perks of my old Canon. I have lots of photos to share!

Tonight I'm going to start with a few shots from decorating our tree.

As you can see, I had some great helpers. I think this is the first year that one of the kids was more help than aggravation. I was seriously thankful for E.'s help and encouragement through the process....which by the way took two days. I'm sorry I don't have a great final shot of the whole tree. We are having work done on our windows and the whole room is torn apart. I will grab one the minute we finish the interior stuff! More pics of our holiday activities to come!!

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