Holiday Pillow Covers 2014

Good afternoon! I just wanted to drop in and tell you that some of my favorite things are on sale today!!! Yesterday I hit a great sale at Bath and Body Works and wish I could have shared it with you in time for you to make it there. They had candles for $8!!! With one of the many coupons that they offer, I bought a bunch of candles for $5.50 each. They normally sell for $22 or if you're lucky, you can get them for $11 on special. These candles smell great and I love their packaging. Today, they are having another pretty good special in store. I feel like its a splurge to buy their hand soaps, but at $2.50, you can't beat it! 

$2.50 Soaps- In Select Stores Only

What I'm really kinda jazzed about are these Holiday pillow covers that are on sale today at Pottery Barn. Every year I get sorta obsessed with a Holiday item. One year I bought every ceramic figurine that I could get my hands on. Another year it was candles shaped like Christmas Trees.....then the following year I always wonder what I was thinking. But, I have been a fan of Christmas pillows for several years, especially the ones at PB. So I wanted to share today's sale~~30% off with free shipping!!!

Holiday Pillow Covers 2014

I'm gonna grab one or two. I have the inserts already, so I think they are a good holiday decor investment that you can use year after year!

Enjoy the weekend and all of the Holiday happenings!!

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