Oh Christmas Tree!!!!!

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!! This weekend in Charleston there was a Christmas Parade, and a tree lighting....and everywhere you drive you see Christmas lights!
We bought a tree last week and have put the lights up.....

I love going to the tree lot.....the smell is amazing! My kids like to run through the trees and just generally be naughty right before Christmas. Smart!

They pulled this one out and tagged it for us. I wasn't dying for it, but it was basically what we were looking for.

After many years of tying the tree to the roof and dragging it upstairs by ourselves, we had the tree delivered this year.  Things went well....no one was harmed in the application of the lights. But that only lasted for one day. We had a complete outage of all of the lights, so Chris is trying each strand individually.....you can see the white cord running up the front of the tree. So the tree is at a standstill while we figure this out.

Good time for a hot tea/cocoa break.....

Here are our elves......Jack and Holly. They like confined spaces, apparently. The day before this, they spent in the freezer....

Still haven't done any shopping or wrapping or baking. But thankfully there is still time....right?

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