Tacos & Paperwhites!

Wow!!! The first week of December is flying by so quickly. Around here, we are preoccupied with the many activities for the kids' school and sports, end of the semester homework, special Christmas events, and for the first time ever, EXAMS!! I hate to admit (to myself mostly) that I haven't even made a dent in the Christmas shopping, but the tree was delivered today, the lights are on it and it's waiting to be decorated. Hooray! One thing off the list. With a busy weekend ahead,  I know that if we hadn't put up the tree now, we would be really behind next week. There are also contractors coming to finally start working on some of the delayed, neglected maintenance on our house on Monday, which just adds to my normal holiday anxiety. But that's a whole different blog post. I have some pictures of the tree, so I will share those soon, when we finish the decorating.

The highlight of my week so far was an impromptu lunch date with Chris at Zia Taquera on Wednesday. I love their chips and salsa! They also have the best iced tea, a locally made tea called Southern Harmony. After lunch, these gorgeous amaryllis bulbs caught my eye in the Charleston Flower Market next door. 

What a fun store for flower-lovers like me. They have glass containers for forcing all types of bulbs, including paperwhites and amaryllis during the holidays or tulips and crocus in the Spring. I can't believe I have never seen these before, because I usually plant paperwhites during the holiday season.  

Actually, I had not bought any bulbs to force this year, so we grabbed a few. Since Chris used to work in produce and is pretty knowledgeable about that type of stuff, I asked him to pick out some good ones for me. 

While he did that, I stumbled into the cooler and found one of my favorites......

Peonies! Hoping a few find their way to my house on my birthday!

Look at all of the rest stuff they had in stock! I really enjoyed this little trip. The simple things really do make me happy.  After we left the Maybank highway area, we headed by the Christmas tree lot to browse the Christmas tree selection. More on that in my next post. :)

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