Perfectionism Breeds Procrastination

Wow!! It's been couple of months since I last wrote. I think the holidays and my birthday hit me hard and knocked me off my track. Then in early January, we made the unfortunate discovery that my wonderful step-dad has cancer. We knew he had been off his game over Thanksgiving and Christmas, but had a difficult time convincing him to see the doctor until he had to finally go in by ambulance.  After a week at MUSC and then getting him situated back in his apartment, things have taken a different turn for our family. We have found some wonderful doctors here in Charleston to get him stabilized, but he has made the painful decision to return to Virginia where he has more family to look after him. The five of us here really have a unique relationship and love to get into a bit of trouble together, so we will miss our Papa dearly. Sometimes we have to live with hard decisions. Both of my blood parents are already deceased, so it really is hard for me. My kids will miss him terribly too.

I think of my goals for the blog daily and in the meantime been exercising my creativity over on Instagram @thecharlestonlens. Please check me out there! I've been enjoying actually taking lots of photos with my phone and iPad, but am hoping that I can get into a groove with my new camera and get back to shooting manually on the fly like I could with my Canon. I have been posting some older photos from past vacations etc as well, and really enjoy sharing the places and things that I find inspiring.

Also, I'm slowly working on my pinterest to get it more organized so that it can be an inspiration for me as well as others.

Finally, most evenings you will find me at one soccer field or another or at the gymnastics center. I know that I have over-scheudled my kids, but could never pick a sport or activity to eliminate. They really are thriving in everything, so if we rarely have time in the evenings for a family dinner, so be it. I know summertime is right around the corner and we can slow down a bit then.

Like the title of this post, I am finding that I worry too much about getting everything perfect instead of getting things done the best way that I can. Worrying about the end product can crush your creativity and motivation, so its time to just let things flow a little more freely.

Here's a family pic from October, when usually we have Jack here to be in the pic. This year he wasn't up to coming over, so its just the four of us. Hopefully I can get a few shots of all of us before he goes......