A Peachy Summer Day In Charleston, SC

Happy Summer everyone!  Its been quite a while since I posted. I have to admit that I am rusty on blogging, shooting, and editing! But there really is no time like the present. (Tell that to my closet which has been waiting for a purge for the last 3 months).

Yesterday, the family went out to Boone Hall farms to pick peaches. Growing up in Virginia, my Mom and Dad would take me peach picking every summer. It was something I had always wanted to do here in South Carolina, since we are known for our peaches. I had looked around for an orchard in the upstate, but didn't realize that we had one right here in Charleston. Apparently these peach trees are only a couple of years old, since the original orchard was damaged by a storm. I have to admit that it was a little toasty walking up and down the rows, but it was totally worth it. The farm girl always comes out in me when I'm outdoors picking fruits and veggies. I enjoy it so much!! We've made several trips to Ambrose Farms on Wadmalaw Island this summer for organic strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes. Now we just refer to our trips out there as "going to the farm."

Now to figure out what to do with these beauties!

E. is utilizing her apple picking technique from last Fall.......

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