Fall 2015 Favorites: Old Navy Plaid Shirts

Hope you are staying dry this rainy Charleston afternoon. I was sitting at the car dealership having a new battery installed, and killed the time by doing little online shopping.  My biggest Fall Favorite so far this year is a plaid shirt and Old Navy has really upped their plaid game this season.  I'm really loving the popover tunics, which are more generous in length to cover your bum if you wear it with leggings or really skinny jeans. These shirts make for a no-brainer outfit when paired with the jeans  and a boot. With the warm Fall weather we've had in Charleston this year, the shorter booties have been a perfect choice, because its just not cool enough yet to pull out the full-length version.

Fall Fashion, Old Navy Plaid Shirt, Flannel, Tunics, Popovers, Cotton

Enjoy this little roundup of Old Navy's plaid offerings. And if you're not convinced, take 50% off select styles today only!!

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Charleston Floods and Fall Food

Last weekend, Charleston experienced some of the craziest weather ever, even for a region that sees it's fair share of tropical systems.  We literally have never seen that much rain in such a short period of time, even with a hurricane! Thankfully, our home is elevated, so we had no worries about flooding from rising waters.  We did have a few leaks, but when you factor in the wind-blown rain, it was understandable. I tend to get cabin-fever really quickly during weather events, so Friday we took the kids out to breakfast to savor the "raincation."

Charleston, SC Floods

Rumor had it that Jim Cantore was in town for a bit, but left to cover Greenville. No worries!
We had our own meteorologist on the scene!

Charleston, SC Flood 2015

Here is the parking lot of our community grocery store!!

Charleston, SC Flood 2015

And here is a major road on James Island. 

Charleston, SC Flood 2015

Some of the small ponds completely overflowed onto the road and around several of the houses. 

Charleston, SC Floods 2015

 I felt so bad for these poor folks.

Charleston, Sc Flood 2015

 All routes to Downtown Charleston from West of the Ashley were closed. I think the ambulance driver even had to provide ID to pass the checkpoint.

Charleston, SC Flood 2015

Here is the view from our porch near high tide as the rain had finally stopped. 

Charleston SC Flood 2015

With all of this indoor time, we did a good bit of cooking. 

Fall Food Charleston SC Roasted Zucchini, Squash, Asparagus

We grabbed some pork shops from Earthfare, along with organic potatoes and zucchini, and squash. We've found that organic potatoes are amazing in texture and taste and totally worth a little extra money. 

 I love it when I can get my whole meal into the oven at one time. 

Fall Food Roasted Pork, Potatoes, Vegetables Charleston SC

Fall Food Charleston SC Roasted Vegetables Organic Squash, Zucchini, Brussel Sprouts

Another night we roasted an organic whole chicken from Costco, and made homemade mashed potatoes and another roasted veggie tray with brussel sprouts and organic squash and zucchini. Costco is offering more and more organic produce, so we grab what can there and get the rest at Earthfare. 

Fall Food Roasted Vegetables Organic Squash, Zucchini, Brussel Sprouts, Onion

Yummy! One last rainy day shot I grabbed during the storm day.....both kids in one shot just being themselves.

Charleston Rainy Day
Stay dry and lets hope for Charleston to experience some cooler Fall temps finally!